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Emerson L. Allen Jr.
Owner/Motivational Speaker

Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to use their life story to enhance the lives of others while making a great living for themselves.

Are you an experienced independent speaker or are you just starting out? Do you have something interesting to say but don't have a way to get it out or place to say it? If you answered yes to either then there is a way and a place for you at Emerson Speakers Bureau.


Emerson Speakers Bureau features some of the best minds in the industry.             From keynote addresses, conventions, and conferences to trade shows and forums, the speakers of Emerson Speakers Bureau deliver professional insights in a thought-provoking, engaging format.

Emerson Speaker Bureau speakers have fired-up the lives of people all across the United States. Emerson Speakers Bureau will provide opportunities for individuals to be a catalyst for positive change in their community.

 *Opening the Windows of Communication... One Voice at a Time*

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Emerson Speakers Bureau

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