Jon Easter

When he started blogging, Jon Easter just hoped a few friends would be able to read his thoughts on politics and life.  Nearly 375,000 page views and over 1,500 posts later, Jon's Indy Democrat Blog has become the only regularly-updating blog from the left side of the political spectrum in the Indianapolis area and one of the best political blogs in Indiana.  Jon's posts have gone national on websites like the Huffington Post, and the Indy Democrat Blog was nominated for the Fix's Best State Political Blogs by its readers last year.

Jon's idea on political commentary is that people can disagree without being disagreeable.  He avoids hyperbole on his blog and hopes to, with each post, inform readers from both sides of the aisle about a wide range of topics.   Jon loves campaign strategy and has been trained on how to run political campaigns.  He often blogs on campaign strategy, political analysis, and a wide range of issues and topics.  Most personal to him are issues that effect groups that are often not given the kind of voice they should receive.

Born in Indianapolis, Jon Easter graduated from Ben Davis High School in 1993.  He matriculated to Indiana University in 1993, and he graduated in four years, earning a degree in Secondary Education.  He holds an Indiana Teachers License.  Since 1997, he has been an award-winning high school teacher and a radio station general manager at two different schools.  Easter is an avid sports fan enjoying football, basketball, and just about anything else that might show up on ESPN.  Jon is also a big race fan and amateur Indianapolis 500 historian.  He also enjoys playing golf and writing short stories and poetry.  




 Jon has a wide-ranging resume of experiences serving as the President of several organizations, statewide and local.  He currently is the president of a neighborhood group and recently finished a four-year stint as the president of a political club.  Jon serves on the Decatur Township Civilian Fire Merit Commission as Secretary, and he is a past precinct committeeperson and ward chairperson for the Marion County Democratic Party.  In 2008, he was an unsuccessful candidate for township office.  Jon is a two-time delegate to the Indiana State Democratic Convention.